Divorce 101

Assets and Debts


Most married couples have assets and debts that need to be divided but there is not a "one size fits all" rule for how to do this.  Sometimes there are other factors that must be considered that an experienced attorney will know how to present to the Court. It is extremely important to hire an attorney who can protect your financial future to put you in the best situation post divorce.

Maintenance/ Spousal Support

An experienced attorney is fam

 In Colorado, alimony is called “spousal maintenance.” A  judge may order one spouse to pay temporary maintenance to the other during divorce proceedings, as well as maintenance after the divorce is final.  You need an attorney who knows the law who is able to make sure that maintenance is only ordered when it is appropriate and that it is a fair amount.



An experienced attorney is familiar with judges in the area and how they often rule on cases. Each judge has their own preferences for how cases are presented in their Courtroom. Knowing this information gives you a leg up when presenting your case to these judges. 



Not all cases have to go to trial. At our firm we work hard to save you money and negotiate favorable resolutions to our cases when this is possible.



Sometimes parties are unreasonable, and the only way to get what's fair, is to take your case to trial. At O'Brien Law Firm, LLC we are not afraid to fight for you.